Surtax Facts for November 2022 Referendum Posted by Carmine Miranda

May 18, 2022 Surtax Facts for November 2022

Referendum Posted by Carmine Miranda

Back to all posts How long has our surtax been here? Here are the facts, see below:

North Port Forward, Inc.

Shaping the Future of North Port City of North Port, Sarasota County Surtax Facts

1989 County Voters First Approve a Penny Tax Tourists and Visitors to the County Contribute approximately Twenty (20) cents per Sales Tax dollar collected County residents contribute approximately Eighty (80) cents per Sales Tax dollar collected Allocation of Surtax Funds in the County are based on population Twenty Five (25) Cents per Sales Tax Dollar goes to the County School Board

2007 County Voters Approved the Penny Tax Last Referendum more than 66% of voters approved extending the Penny Tax through 2024 Surtax Dollars funds public improvements such as Police & Fire, Roads & Bridges, Emergency Equipment, Infrastructure Improvements, Parks, Libraries and Schools

2022 Surtax Referendum is on the ballot November 8, 2022 Extend the Penny Tax for another term of 15 years (2025 - 2039) North Port’s share based on population is $316 million dollars over the next 15 years.

Learn more at the next Surtax Meeting on November 8, 2021 to be held at North Port City Hall Chambers from 5:30pm to 7:00pm A survey card will be available at the meeting so you can voice your preferace on projects important to you and fellow residents.

The County will ultimately approve the projects for consideration. What if the Referendum is voted down Sarasota County will likely loose approximately 1.2 Billion Sales Tax Dollars for local Community Improvement Projects (CIP) in North Port, Venice, City of Sarasota, Town of Longboat Key and UnIncorporated Sarasota County.

The County will likely lose some Twenty Two (22) Cents per Sales Tax dollar from tourists and neighboring county visitors as well as Seventy-Eight (78) cents per Sales Tax dollar from County residents.

The loss of these Sales Tax dollars places additional burden on North Port Property owners as well as renters.

It is anticipated that County and North Port property taxes will rise to cover the shortfall of Sales Tax Dollars to cover needed CIP’s creating additional financial burden to homeowners and renters.

It is anticipated that Sarasota County could postpone or remove CIP’s from consideration How the County or City of North Port spends Surtax Dollars is a Concern for County Residents

This is a legitimate concern whether the Surtax Referendum is extended or not. City / County Officials have a responsibility to spend ALL Tax dollars wisely.

Residents need to get educated on issues facing their City / County and to make their voices heard at Commission meetings, November Elections or Special Elections.

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